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Custom Mosaics

Modern Ingenuity Meets Classic Design

Combining modern ingenuity with an art form that has a history spanning thousands of years and across nearly every civilization, Carrara Tile & Marble Ltd. creates custom mosaics of glass, wood, and stone for a variety of applications for our customers. Whether you wish to tile your swimming pool, bathroom floor, or kitchen countertops with unique one-of-a-kind mosaic patterns, we’re equipped to provide you with exceptional quality products in all styles and colours. From design and selection to fabrication and installation, our experts will successfully guide you through the entire process of creating a customized mosaic from start to finish with our personalized service.

Advantages of Custom Mosaics Include:

  • Mosaics can brighten any room or space.
  • Mosaics are suited for indoor or outdoor applications.
  • Mosaics come in a large variety of colours, styles, and patterns.
  • Mosaics usually offer fast installation turnaround times.
  • Mosaics offer an increased aesthetic quality.
  • Mosaics can help your home or business have an increased market value.
  • Mosaics are relatively easy-to-maintain.
  • Mosaics are cost-effective due to their durability and affordability.
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